5 Useful Websites Every Blogger Should Visit

There are so many useful websites in the world of www, but sometimes it depends on how and when you need them. In this article, I will discuss 5 useful websites that helped me as a blogger. I decided to post about this because I want to give an idea to new bloggers like me on how to improve the quality of our website design and contents.

So, here are my top 5 Useful Websites Every Blogger Should Visit.

# 1  Helplogger

This is my # 1 on the list. This blog helped me a lot to customize my blog template to look like a professional website. My blog was hosted by Google, you won't believe if I tell you that my blog uses the simple free template of Blogger. I don't want to prove it to you, I just want you to try to visit this blog today! 

The blog comes with a  step by step instructions on how to insert the widgets by editing the HTML code of your template. If you're not familiar with HTML code, don't worry because the instructions here are very easy to understand that even a 5th grader can follow.

Thanks to whoever owns helplogger, you deserve 5 stars rating from me.

# 2  QuickSprout

You know, when you're planning to make your website popular and reach 100, 000 visitors every month to your blog after 1.5 years, here's a good blog to visit. 

QuickSprout is owned by Neil Patel, a co-founder of Carzy EggsKISSmetrics and Hello Bar who the Wall Street Journals call him a top influencer on the web (see more about him here). His blog has helpful topics about online marketing, content marketing, link building, advanced guide to SEO, building blog audience and many more to boost your website traffic.

Try to visit and you won't regret this. And don't miss reading about his inspiring story. 

# 3  W3Schools

OK. I mentioned earlier 
about HTML code and said you don't need HTML code knowledge when visiting helplogger, but sometimes you need to consider learning it when your blog is becoming broad that you need to add some menus or remove some unnecessary HTML codes inside your template. 

W3Schools is an online website for web developers who want to learn the basic to advanced web development languages like HTML. This website will teach you everything they know without letting you spend a dollar cent - which makes it cool. And I love the way they present the tutorial, it's clean and easy to understand. So, why don't you start your HTML class now, enroll for free at w3schools.

 # 4  Google Drive

Google drive is a cool safe place for all your files. I know there are other sites like Google Drive but this is the one I recommend to you. When you need a place to store your website's downloadable files, here is where you upload them. Share the files in public, copy the public link, and paste it to your download link code. So, it's very easy and convenient to do.

Start uploading your files and share them on your website now. Google Drive.

 # 5  TermsFeed

Having a legal agreement between you and your visitor on your website is important because this is a document which details all the views and procedures on the information collected from the visitors. It isn't easy to create like this because you need to make it accurate and easy to understand. But thanks to Termsfeed , it's easy and free. Visit Termsfeed now and create an instant legal agreement for your website.



  1. Cool and great tip I will heed your advice and learn from these great sites.

  2. Nice! very useful websites to visit especially for the new bloggers. Thank you for this information.

  3. I've been a fan of Helplogger since I started blogging! All of the tutorials there work like a charm!

  4. I love quicksprout! helplogger din!

  5. Thanks so much for all these useful sites. I follow Neil Patel and I adore his tips.

    1. Thanks po. I shared this because it helped me too and I'm glad you visit them.

  6. This is somewhat interesting. I mean, you got five suggestions which is considered a total package for somebody out there who just wishes to utilize his blog. And I agree with the Google Drive though.

  7. Helplogger has definitely helped me a number of times. I used to rely on w3schools then when you stay in the internet for a long time doing web developments, you'll notice a lot of things are wrong or could be done otherwise. Haha. Anyway, that's a great list. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah. Me too, I rely on Helplogger many times.

  8. Thanks for sharing all these websites. I will check them out.