Where to Find Bloggers to Help You Drive More Traffic

There are many ways to expose your website. One best effective way is to socialize. Bloggers and website owners best traffic sources are the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +. These are the places on the internet where you could share your website posts to random people for them to see and view if they find it interesting. But is there a place where bloggers like you and I can help each other to drive more traffic to our website? My answer is, YES. I've been searching lately on the internet about this and I came across these 2 interesting websites.

#1. viralcontentbuzz.com

This is an easy way to get traffic. What you need to do here is to share your post and wait till others will take notice of it. They will help you drive traffic by sharing your post on Twitter or Facebook. If you sign up on this site, you will earn an instant 10 points credit that will be enough to share your first content. If you want to share more of your posts, you need to earn more credits by sharing some of other members posted contents. This will be a fair trade because they will do the same to you.

Click here to join viralcontentbuzz.com

#2. bloggers.com

If you're looking for a place to meet  bloggers, then here's where they are. You can drive traffic here by posting your blog URL address for free and for some bloggers to visit your blog site. I don't really understand how this site works, but you can see your name along with your blog address on the list just after posting.

I think there's no harm in trying bloggers.com.


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